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Blackjack Surrender

There are three different variations of blackjack surrender in the games offered in most casinos including the ones online. Although the variations differ in respect to how they are implemented, all three types share the same basic principle, if the player doesn’t like their hand, they can toss it in. This of course comes at a cost which is usually half of the wager made.

Although most players ignore the blackjack surrender option, even when offered by the casinos, those who do use this option almost always use the blackjack surrender option far too often. This is either because they ignore, or do not understand the simple logic involved. When giving up 50% of your wager, you want to make sure that you do this only when the houses edge is greater than 50%. You would think this would be obvious, but you would be surprised at the hands some players use the blackjack surrender option on. It really does seem that these people will surrender any hand they think has less than an even chance of winning. Of course, is absurd and can be very expensive. Perhaps it that some of these players are confusing a 50% disadvantage, which means the player figures to win one hand in two. While other players most likely have no idea what the odds are and use the blackjack surrender option on any hand they think is lost. Whatever their reasons are, the results are ultimately the same, once again sloppy play, takes a valuable strategy for players and turns it into a money maker for the house. And the blackjack surrender option is valuable. Even though “late surrender” and “Asian surrender” yield only minimal gains when played with Basic Strategy, they are both very important when used in association with card counting techniques. The early blackjack surrender option should always produce large savings for the player, whether you are counting or not.

Another important benefit to the blackjack surrender option is the stabilizing influence it has on your bankroll. By using the blackjack surrender option you are flattening the normal fluctuations that would happen if you were to play all hands to completion. Although some casinos don’t offer the blackjack surrender option, the potential profit when you can use the blackjack surrender option makes it well worth your while to master the table below.

For some reason that defies logic many casinos that offer the blackjack surrender option do not advertise this fact. For example, Caesars Palace and Bally’s Grand in Las Vegas, for years have offered the blackjack surrender option, yet when you enter these casinos you will be hard pressed to find any mention that surrender is available. This seems to be the case in a in a number of other casinos throughout the world. So if you are unsure if the casino offers the blackjack surrender option just ask the dealer if they offer surrender. And if they do , use it but use it wisely!

Basic Strategy

Late Surrender   Asian Surrender
Player’s Hand Dealer’s Up Card Player’s Hand Dealer’s Up Card
  9 10 Ace   9 10 Ace
16 H Sr Sr 16 Sr1 Sr H
15 H Sr H 15 Sr2 Sr H
Note: Do Not surrender (8,8) Note: Do not surrender (8,8)
Early Surrender3
Player’s Hand Dealer’s up Card
  9 10 Ace
17 S S Sr
16 H Sr Sr
15 H Sr Sr
14 H Sr Sr
13 H H Sr
12 H H Sr
7 H H Sr
6 H H Sr
5 H H Sr

1 ONLY if 16 consists of three or more cards, Example (9, 5, 2).
2 Only if 15 consists of three or more cards, example: (9, 4, 2).
3 Early surrender all pairs that total the indicated values, Example: (8,8) vs. 10 or Ace.
Sr Surrender
H Hit
S Stand

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